Make God Famous

Dear HHLL Readers,

On that day when the whole world sees Jesus, what will you do?  It is written that all heads will bow down and praise Jesus, for they know his name and his name is powerful.  They will instantly know he is the creator and deserves all the glory and worship.  But, knowing this right now, do you believe you will be happy or sad to see Jesus when he comes?

There may be three stances a person could take when they see Jesus:

1.       “Yay, daddy’s home!”

2.       “Wait a minute… he’s back early.  Clean up!”

3.       “Is that who I think it is?  I thought he was never coming back.”

Whatever the response, I know that God will come back like a thief.  He will be so swift and speedy and commence His judgement so fast that we might be left wondering, what the heck just happened?  He will surely judge us without delay… who can stand any chance on this day?

Perhaps this is the remedy: we know that God is coming back so get ready to combat the consequence from God by knowing yourself.  When you know yourself, you become aware of who you are and who you are meant to be in this world.  You can change from your past setbacks and mistakes and be a light to others.  And, you can work hard on not doubting yourself and start believing in yourself.  There is strength in your power and in your nature.  Undoubtedly you can do anything you set your mind to.  Just as it takes time to reach perfection, you can train your mind.  First, decide on how to moderate your life.  Consider the things you will tolerate.  Finally, find balance in your life through discipline.  Question everything: what will be the things you say yes or no to?  

Remember the story of Adam and Eve?  They became infamous for eating the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden of Eden.  Satan made Eve believe that it was okay to eat the fruit from the prohibited tree and made it “appear” it was good for eating.  However, once she ate from it, she immediately knew her wrong, and commenced to trick Adam into eating it which he did.  Instead of owning their mistake when questioned by God, the two had to place blame on someone other than themselves.  So, Satan beguiled Eve and in effect she could not say “no”.  Subsequently, Eve tricked Adam and he could not tell her “no”.  Then, when questioned by God about what happened, Adam pointed the finger at Eve.  God, however, cannot be deceived.

Adam and Eve did not understand the true value of their identity and relationship with God.  Because of that, they believed a lie told by Satan.  These two took from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and they could not put things back together to make it right.  They acted kind of foolish.  God, therefore, denied them to partake in the tree of life.  Do we as a human race nowadays still act like Adam and Eve?  Do we act the same, especially when confronted with past actions that show our guilt?  Additionally, is there a way to make up for our foolish mistakes, no matter how many times we commit them and appease God?  Or, would we rather keep making the same mistake because we’ve conditioned ourselves to believe we can keep acting foolish, not caring about the future consequences?

Although we are intelligent beings, a person who is foolish does not have good sense.   Sadly, the person does not know they are unwise or are acting silly in a bad way.  Logically, when this person’s reputation starts to build up, he or she will be known as a fool.  However, being infamous for being foolish does not mean that it is good because in fact, you are a fool.  It is also very difficult to get your point across to a foolish person.   But in the same way they become infamous, it is not for doing anything good.  Instead, people marvel at the foolish one, as if they want to attain the same type of status.  And so, it seems the foolish are admired.

But God is more famous than the fool.  His reputation is not only well known but distinguished.  God is always present, and he doesn’t have to exclaim he is here, nor does he have to tell us he is God.  We already know; that is why he is famous.  However, the fool often misses the mark because there is no end to his foolery, and perhaps others don’t commit to correcting him.  But just as a child needs to be re-directed, so does anyone who isn’t a child.  We all need knowledge but not just any information: we need the truth.  This truth is necessary for our well-being because it gives us a point of reference.  We need this reference in order to live our lives accordingly.

If you are not satisfied with foolery in your life or in others, set boundaries.  Because without boundaries, eventually the foolishness will become reckless and you will become infamous for being a fool or associating with people who commit foolish acts.  I know I am repeating foolishness a lot, but I do not want to use other terms such as mischief, irresponsible, half-witted, thoughtless, indiscreet, dumb, etc., mainly because I think my point can get across by using one term: “foolish.”  But a human being is fearfully and wonderfully made by God.  You are not born to be a fool.

It is okay to make mistakes because otherwise, one could never learn from the experience and change.  But you are made by a miraculous power, and Satan has come into the world to make us doubt our power.  He keeps us from seeing our true self and potential and makes us fight with ourselves from within.  He knows that it is what is on the inside that counts and not the outside.  (*Perhaps this is the reason why he made Adam and Eve eat from the off-limits tree, because he knew it would defile them from the inside, and he wanted them to be hurt.  Satan, however did not play fair.  He had to trick Adam and Eve to get them to do something so foolish.  As a result, they were roped into following Satan and broke God’s rule.  God could not allow Adam and Eve to eat from the tree of life in their current state.*) 


At any cost, rather than saying yes to the devil’s deceitfulness and tricks, say no so that you will not be played the fool.  Although God gave us the answer, it is still easy to play the fool because Satan is super good at making it look like nothing is wrong with our lives… we don’t even realize what is really going on.  To combat the devil, use what will make his attempts on our life fail.  BE DISCIPLINED IN THE TRUTH AS OPPOSED TO WORLDLY RHETORIC: KNOW YOURSELF AND GOD.

Also, please refrain from looking at the appearance of things and get to the heart of the matter: know yourself.  Who are you?  Separate yourself from worldly things so that you may know yourself.  Find the identity that God has given you.  Make your life efforts a reflection of the power of God that resides in you.  Make God famous again.  Do not allow the infamous Satan and his foolery to bask in the limelight of your life.  Return the spotlight to God.

Seeking Faith in God by Yourself

Hello HHLL Readers!

I’d like to start off this time with a verse:

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. This is what the ancients were commended for.  By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.” (Hebrews 11:1-3)

Things are not always as they seem.  The grass is not always greener on the other side.  The story as presented to you by someone else is not always true.  Although something happened to you, no one dares to tell you that you’re NOT the only one who has had the same experience (although it could help your situation).  Those same people will also refrain from reaching out to you to tell you how they really feel, nor will they offer help.  I guess in this case silence is golden?  Not really. 

Sometimes it’s easy to feel like you are all alone when you are not supported.  This can be so much harder to bear when you know you have integrity and are faced with multiple moments of madness.  At the end, you eventually start living in survival mode.  Because of this, you can suffer stresses and illnesses, and you may even not be at your best cognitively to even make better decisions or have good judgement.

We also do not often hear compliments such as “good going” or “thank you for your help.” The common greeting of “hi, how are you?” has lost its genuineness and is now lack-luster in usage.  No one is really appreciated, and moreover, people are not respected for doing good.  This is a competitive society and, for what?  With such a lack of communication and encouragement it is easy for us to get lost.  What has become acceptable in society are most likely the things that harm us, which also prevent us from seeking faith and doing so diligently. 

When driving cars, we are supposed to heed the following safety warning: “objects in mirror are closer than they appear.” The warning is literally written on the mirrors themselves.  Well, moving objects- going fast or slow- can likewise be distorted in your vision if you are not paying close attention.  But, are we cars?  And if we are not cars, whose safety warnings are we following?  Do we follow our own self-motivation or the motivation of others?  What would be the benefit of following either? 

Normally, we have a mother and father (or mother and father figures) to guide us morally.  These parents take care of us until we grow from children into respectful and capable adults in our own rights.  The role of the parent is no longer to “parent” us and he or she should, essentially, let us go.  They also should have instilled in us an impenetrable moral compass.  But if we are living life without a strong faith in God that we conscientiously practice and if there is no spiritual inspiration maybe our blind-spot detection in our “car” is not always perfect.  If you are one of the lucky ones, you have this faith naturally, but it still needs to be “oiled.”

For what purpose, then, in life are we seeking as we near adulthood?  Is it to date someone that you know will always remain a boyfriend or girlfriend?  Is it to be single?  Or is it to become married after so many years of living the single life?  Could it be to travel around the world and look good in all your social media photos?  Is it to have the perfect job and make a lot of money or do you want to become famous by being a superstar, but you don’t want to put in the effort?  Perchance, are you living to earn enough money to impress others with your material things?  All these things are fleeting and perhaps sought by superficial and selfish means, but they all will perish.  These things won’t last after death. 

Can’t we just take a moment to stop, breathe, question, and reflect?

Just like I was born of a mother and a father, Jesus was the same.  He was born of the Holy Spirit’s help, but also had earthly parents, who were Mary and Joseph.  I wanted to look up to my mom or dad for support.  Jesus, also, sought everything through addressing God.  Likewise, my mom and dad had parents, too.  And, who did their parents look up to for advice and counsel?  If we go back to the beginning of time, like Adam and Eve, they had a (spiritual) father; God.  Isn’t it logical that God would be Adam and Eve’s father?  So, as it is, everything traces back to God. 

Because of this revelation, we must seek God.  Our purpose in life is to have faith and we must continually pursue faith no matter what comes to distract us (or tempt us).  We know that this is not our final destination if we are to go to Heaven.  We are foreigners, traveling and seeing the world through human eyes; being in physical form, yet being affected by a spiritual experience.   

Jesus was in fact resurrected from the dead.  We did not see it because we weren’t there; however, we still believe this within our soul.  Even though heavenly powers and spiritual authorities are invisible to us, it does not mean they do not exist because we see God’s handiwork all around us.

God is powerful to save us and bless us through Jesus’ death on the cross.  We owe our lives and means of living to Him.  We can never repay God for all that He has given us, but we can try through the strength of our faith in action. 

God is sacred; he is holy.  He deserves to be praised.  We should pay attention to the fact that He has the power to create and give us everything we have- thereby making us turn from our selfish ways.  Recognizing God as the main thing that needs our life’s devotion will change our perception of life and the reason it is important to have a faith that is strong, as much as we can personally will it to be through our own ability and the power of the Holy Spirit.

With self-control and determination, we can soar like an eagle and be reassured by the power of God’s love.  Prepare your minds to receive the blessings by continued belief and understanding of God’s miracles and promises.  He is good.  So, seek faith in God and in Jesus.  We are not our own help; God is our help.  Although unseen, He is ever present.  Let’s not forget to have patient confidence through faith in action.  Allow God to command our lives- even though we want to keep looking in the side-view mirrors.   

We must be deliberate and cultivate our faith because what we see is immediate, and we do not often get to see the immediate results of our work through faith. We want the answers now and do not take the time to look back.  However, reflecting takes time.  In fact, growing your faith takes time because it is a sacred matter.  All of us can do it because we are powerful.  We have the power of our mouth, thoughts, and hearts; this is perhaps why the constant renewing of our minds is very important, as the common biblical saying often goes.  Change takes patience and so does building the propensity to view things according to different (or new) perspectives. 

Cultivating our minds will allow the seed called faith to grow.  This cultivation is like a habit we support through daily routines and our hope in this matter.  Faith must also be encouraged and celebrated.  By joining ourselves in the Spirit we can focus on the important thing; God.  The second thing we can do is honor God through the faith we have in Him.

Genesis 24:49 –  “Now if you will show kindness and faithfulness to my master, tell me; and if not, tell me, so I may know which way to turn.”

Deuteronomy 7:9 –  “Know therefore that the Lord your God is God; he is the faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commandments.”

1 Samuel 2:9 –  “He will guard the feet of his faithful servants, but the wicked will be silenced in the place of darkness. “It is not by strength that one prevails;”

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong - Part Two

Hello HHLL Readers!

Remember that our lives are just a mist?  Eventually everyone you know dies, including all plants and animals in the world.  We do not create ourselves.  Every single person in all nations, birds of the sky, animals on land, and creatures of the sea have been created.  Each individual strand of hair on our heads have been counted; right down to a single blade of grass that covers dirt on the ground… even so down to one itty-bitty grain of sand on a beach’s seashore that is washed away.  But the only beings that inhabit the earth that are fighting against each other are us – the people.  Why just the people?

People are important and created specially by God.  We are spiritual but have abandoned our abilities and have misused our spiritual power.  We have forgotten the source of our lives because the world is against us; it seeks to make us forget and at the same time have animosity towards God.

In the last blog I wrote that our origin came from God.  God gave us his word and promise of eternal life with Him by our side.  Our lives are short in the grand scheme of things- like an inevitable evaporating mist, but there are daily opportunities to make our lives about remembering God and His love for us through the persecution and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  I mentioned we should humble ourselves in any situation first to God and focus on worries after having had a conversation with God.  By bringing your fears and concerns to God, even though there are many, your connection to God is the main thing that is important in order to tackle the problems in the first place.

In part one of this message, remembering God started with the 10 commandments that He gave us in the Law under Moses in the Old Testament.  However, due to this being part two, we now look at Jesus and the New Testament.  Jesus sacrificed his life for our sinful nature and was resurrected from death on our behalf.  He is alive, and therefore we say he is a living God.  Due to this, we now apply our belief of God through Jesus and the faith we’ve gained through God’s mercy and grace.  Believers are in the faith through works phase (age/era) and claim Jesus as their Savior and therefore are not held under the Mosaic Law.  Now, the old commandments don’t really seem to apply, do they?  Well, what did Jesus say is the greatest commandment? 

Mark 12:29-31 (NIV) – 29 “The most important one,” answered Jesus, “is this: ‘Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. 30 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ 31 The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”

Aren’t you excited about Jesus’ answer?  He gave us an upgrade- the Commandments 2.0 version!  There are only two commandments we need to follow.  These are the ones that all people should pay attention to as the other decrees seem defunct.  However, I do believe we should acknowledge the old commandments.  They are our roots.  They were necessary to the Israelites and served their purpose according to God’s timing, before He sent Jesus to us to teach us the new commandments.

Although as Christians, we face so much hardship, it is very hard to accept our situations and love all our neighbors.  This in turn makes it harder to love God.  But the fact is Christians are going to be persecuted via trials and tribulations.  It also does not matter if your neighbor is a blood relative, spouse, co-worker or friend, for example: your troubles will come from any source.  These “troubles”, scoffing and hate from others were foretold in the bible.  So, even though these events will be shocking and may catch you unaware, just know that you are very loved (beloved) by God as his chosen people. 

Only you, as a true Christian, can withstand the pain and struggles.  No one suffers as you can.  But as far as the ones who are causing troubles in the world and doing wrong in their lives, just know that they really don’t know Jesus.  Your job is to focus on God through your suffering in which he will bring you out and give you peace.  Your faith will be tested…but it will only make you stronger. 

My best advice is to be clear minded about the commandments of love as Jesus taught.  There is also no right or wrong way to build a relationship with God.  Think of God as a person.  He did in fact manifest himself in human form as Jesus, so when you are seeking to reach out to him, plan on speaking to Jesus as if he is a person next to you. 

I do believe Jesus seeks a face-to-face relationship with us.  Tell Jesus you love him with all your heart.  Thank him from the bottom of your soul.  Tell him what’s going on in your mind as well as talk to him about your life, fears and desires.  Finally, trust in him with all strength that abounds in your body.  Go ahead and develop your faith and resistance.  In this way, you can stand firm until His return.

***If you or someone you know does not know Jesus, it is not too late.  You can come to know him right now.  Do not worry, because He will welcome you with open arms.  And, forgiveness covers a multitude of sins.  This means whoever forgives you also loves you.  The main thing is that you know you have been forgiven and recognize what love is... and love comes from God, so you will also be loved by him. 

We are in a spiritual battle which makes life and some biblical concepts hard to understand.  But you must know what the battle is about as well as our history as a people on this earth.  Please do come to know Jesus as your Savior.  He is waiting for you to come to Him, just like a child innately wants to go to his parent and be loved and protected by him.***