At 3.5 Weeks

Today marks 3.5 weeks since the end of the 2016-2017 school year, however, I have not had a "real" break. In fact, I have overextended myself. Moreover, I'm helping others get through tough times by listening to them and offering them advice, but that, too, is taxing.

Bad things are seeming to happen to good people and I do what I can to give comfort/make things right. I can't change their situations but I'm feeling myself become emotionally drained. Since my work schedule is full and availability is limited, I have no time. My face has even started to hurt from being outside in the sun while chaperoning children- and I might be dehydrated!

So in order for me not to become a disaster myself, perhaps I should do some self care and "take care" of my health. I need everything in my life to be simplified and I, myself, seek support! Now, if I could only take the first step to de-clutter my mind, my home, and my schedule...

The moral of the story is: don't just do what is best for Others, but do what is best for YOURSELF in order for everyone to benefit. (Inspiration from 1 Corinthians 10:33 NLT and the Lifehouse Tokyo broadcast titled "You Only Live Once (YOLO) published to YouTube on June 13, 2017.)

Sometimes you have to realize you have done your best by Doing Your Job! Situations will be resolved, however, time cannot be pressed. Seeing results is a waiting game- no matter the positive or negative outcome. Timing is everything. So let go and let it flow. PEOPLE REAP WHAT THEY SOW.

For now, I'll just stare at the painting I drew as an acknowledgement of my life and who I am. Please enjoy my artwork- I've attached it to this post. I hope it soothes and calms. Thank you!