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Alaina Deanne Coleman


Food for thought...

To be spiritually healthy, as you eat healthy food to keep your body healthy, you will need healthy food for your heart.

Every day is full of its own worries, but I do not want to be anxious. As long as I do my part by being the best version of myself in the face of adversity, I can own up to everything I do. Sometimes it's easier said than done. However, practice makes "permanent" - as my high school music teacher would say.

I work a lot with children and adults. So, I am a witness to craziness. Pondering on life's mysteries of entitlement and lack of compassion in the world has made me want to return to enjoying the things I once found interesting. Hence, I started a blog called Healing Hearts Like Love on Facebook and self-published a book I wrote over a year ago during a summer trip to Japan.

Healing Hearts Like Love started as an inspirational blog about self care and spiritual purpose. My goal is to help others by encouraging them through writing and art.