A Purpose for Wednesday

Hello Readers!

A lot of things happened since June when HHLL was created that kept me from updating this site regularly. I started this blog originally on a Wednesday. I thought it would be nice to read something inspirational and meaningful during the middle of the week, on Hump Day. Why, you may ask, does Wednesday make the perfect day to regroup? What was my intent of bringing a thoughtful message to you? 

Many years ago, when I taught English in Japan to junior high school students, ages 13 and 14, I told them to remember “Wednesday” by thinking of it as “Wedding Day.” I’d draw a bride and groom next to the word “wedding” with a tall towered-cake with decorations. The drawings looked really pretty. I often surprised myself with the detailed veil for the woman and two-piece suit for the man. An arc also surrounded the couple. 

Drawing was a creative way I shared my personality and Western culture with my Japanese students. Japan does have its own traditional wedding customs and style of dress for the bride and groom. The traditional Japanese wedding celebration is different than an American one, however, nowadays many weddings in Japan use American elements for the celebrations and styles of dress. I like to think my artistic renditions helped my Japanese students remember an English word or a different concept in a visual way. Hopefully, some students can still envision what I drew for them, if it helped at all.

So, after taking this long walk down memory lane, I began to have a recurring thought about the meaning of Wednesday and how the word itself is relevant to my life and wellbeing. In Japanese, the word for Wednesday is 水曜日 (すいようび). You pronounce it as suiyoubi (written in romaji). The breakdown of the 漢字 (かんじ) -Chinese symbols (kanji)- mean water (水), weekday (曜), and day (日) - which also means sun, Japan, and is a counter used for days.

Every day of the week the sun shines. I drink water… and I need it. Water is in your body. There are many bodies of water throughout our planet Earth. Water is necessary for life or destruction. It is a liquid that can harden, get cold, as well as vaporize and become hot. I prefer the more refreshing qualities of water used to quench your thirst or soothe yourself in a hot bath or ofuro (おふろ)- particularly with freshly cut yuzu fruit placed in the basin.

Nevertheless, I want to renew my mind, refresh it, heal my body and regroup. Being surrounded by a fresh aroma as well would be nice! Interestingly, water has the capacity to retain memory. I feel it holds weight and remembers vibrations and feelings associated with certain words uttered that have the potential to uplift or harm yourself as well as others who may hear those words directly or indirectly. I’m interested in studying the properties of water and learning how it supports us in life because our bodies are made up of most of it and it supports every living thing. 

A Japanese researcher named Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted a famous project on human consciousness that studied how certain words and thoughts, positive or otherwise, effect water at the molecular level. I believe he has shown through his work that prayer and visualization are powerful tools that have the ability to change the mind and aid in healing. This suggests to me that negative circumstances can be turned into positive situations- over time- when speaking, thinking, being and loving from a place of intent. On the other hand, when uttering words of a negative nature and intentionally mistreating and misleading others, negative states of health and stressful, harmful relationships will persist. However, I see such challenges as opportunities to forgive and free yourself for caring. But, it is also important to have a clear conscience in order to get to a more healthy and positive state, besides blessing others by praying for them that they, too, be blessed and forgiven, so that in the end, the blessing comes back to you perhaps two or three times fold.

Finally, I want to say that Dr. Masaru Emoto was revolutionary. I think his work should be more well-known. His research has further strengthened my belief about positivity, intent, and connection to your natural self- your natural state of love. He has shown us scientific proof of what we should all know naturally. He has also shown us in a way that makes sense in which we can reproduce on our own. Why not try your own water experiments? I’ve tried it unknowingly by talking lovingly, really meaning what I say, to sweet potato plants that quickly blossomed with tall stems and long roots. Find out more about him by doing an online search for “Dr. Masaru Emoto Water Experiment.”

In effect, let’s “reflect” —> through water, on Wednesday, 水曜日, with our words. And, let’s swim in refreshing pools of literal, physical, and nourishing healing we all need in the form of water…in liquid form, thoughts, and words. The sun will shine on the water of the world and the water we have within us. Perhaps our reflection will change into a more positive image that we can all see, even if you just meant it for yourself. Let’s all set good, powerful and positive goals to realize now. Maybe we will get a special surprise- a chance to see a promising arc in the shape of a rainbow, on Wednesday, Wedding Day, next to a bride and groom, reflecting vibrant colors of a good promise to come in a changed and new world. Take care. Enjoy the rest of your week.