New Years 2018

Hello Readers!  - Updated Version 

New Years Message

We have just celebrated the new year. There were parties, concerts, and fireworks displays broadcast worldwide. People were ringing in the new year with cheer and hopefulness for the future. 

This is usually the time when people make plans to achieve things in life and challenge themselves to reach those goals. It is a ritual; like clearing out your closet and giving away old clothes, but not feeling bad about discarding the clothes because you have worn them out or you have found the fashion does not match your style anymore. 

New Year resolutions are promising; yet, more delightful if achieved during the year. However, no one gives a hoot about failed New Year’s resolutions attempts. Whatever happened has happened. We simply move on...and we do so decidedly. I got into the habit of not making resolutions because the action served no purpose for me. I will either get something done or I won’t, naturally. To appease curious minds though, my New Years’ resolutions, if I had any, would be to build resolve, be resolving, and finally stay resolved. 

On Reading Psalm 77 and Resolving to Remember the Good Times and God’s Promises

As I read Psalm 77 the other day, it reminded me of all the troubles I went through last year as well as at other times over the course of my life. Through painful memories and suffering, I do remember calling out to God and asking for help and not getting help- so I thought. I remember praying and asking to myself, “am I praying right?” 

So, my question is this: How long does someone have to be treated badly, experience illness, etc., and have bad luck, when you know you have been doing everything in your power to do right according to the best of your ability and circumstance? This seems hard to answer, because what is life without pain and suffering?

When you continue to read Psalm 77, after the person talked about their life’s woes, you can see where the writer pauses and says he or she will start to remember all the good things that happened to him or her throughout their life that were provided by God. More importantly, the person decided they would remember God’s blessings. Near the end of my reading of the Psalm, I read the following verse:

Psalm 77:19 NIV
Your path led through the sea, your way through the mighty waters, though your footprints were not seen.”

I instantly remembered my book, Moka and My Path to the Sea. The book has special meaning to me and my heart. It reminds me to be your best and do your best and be yourself. The book is simply about friendship, nature, and balance that we see in life. An editor once noted that there was nothing spectacular about the story of Moka and My Path to the Sea  because there was not a climatic point or plot. However, I believe my message is  the “plot”. The story does not have to be broken down. Moka and My Path to the Sea is a story. The editor, though, is entitled to her belief.

Also, life is life. It can be good, and it can and most likely  does offer us woes (which are different from person to person). On the other hand, life- or your life’s story- does not have to be spectacular in order to live it. It’s probably important to notice the life and action around you. Delight in the fact that you went through certainties and uncertainties and have survived terrible times by following the strength of the message in your heart.

I lead Moka and Me to the sea. You can see their footprints in the sand. They are having so much fun at the beach. And, a rainbow appeared as they frolicked in the sea’s waters near the shore. They are sad when they have to go home. But, what if Moka and Me were magically transported through the sea? Where would they go? Would it be to the other side of the sea? Would it be to the other side of the rainbow? Would there be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Would they continue to have fun wherever they wound up? Also, who’s going to take them? Who is able to do that? Me, the author of course! 

Just like I did with Moka and Me, I lead them to the sea. If I want to lead them through the sea on other magical adventures, I can write a “plot”. Figuratively speaking about my life, I feel that God has taken me TO the sea. Perhaps God will now lead me THROUGH  the sea (as He is the author of my life and salvation). And, this is the year in which I will work methodically to achieve my goals. I feel like I just got an upgrade. Although life has not been easy, I have this intense feeling that this year will be one of the best. This year, 2018, will be a year of rebirth and winning for myself and everyone who cares to allow God to take them through the sea, whilst not letting you stay forever at the edge of the sea, on the sand, where only your footprints are visible.

On Forgiveness and the Bible 

I would just like to add that life has not been all bad, but it can sure seem like it when you sense that there is no end in sight. But this life, too, is temporary. Don’t get caught up on all the bad stuff or the small stuff. Forgive yourselves and others and move on. You have to forgive others, though, appropriately. You can not forgive without loving. 

*If you are the person who needs forgiveness, you truly have to repent to feel that you have been forgiven. This means you have to change your thoughts, which influence your feelings, that impact your behavior (*cognitive logic). You also have to offer amends to the person you have wronged. (Check the bible about forgiveness and forgiving/apologizing appropriately).

Remember, any person who has forgiven you has moved on; however, since you cannot forgive yourself or have the know how, self-detriment can be the determining factor in our life’s woes. That is why the renewing of your mind is important. What we think, we in turn feel, and ultimately act upon by showing it in our behavior. When you have repented (changed), your behavior will have changed. People will be able to see the difference in you and your lifestyle.

Finally, we have to remember the good points and good experiences in our personal lives. We also have to remember what God has done for us and remember the kind of God we have. All these things about God are described in the bible. God performed miracles. God is holy. God is powerful. God keeps promises and provides you peace in the appointed time. And, the truth will always come out. Nothing that is hidden will stay hidden. The lie can’t last forever. There is no place for it in God’s kingdom. 

Happy New Year! Fulfill your dreams. Remember God’s promises that he taught us in the bible.

Red Flags in Your Life?

Hello Readers!

This will be a brief message. I sustained a head injury and have to limit my exposure to light and sound and rest mentally and physically. 

If on your job, with friends, or family- or whatever your situation may be- you see red flags, don’t ignore them. Start asking questions and realize you can’t fix things or solve problems on your own. It is okay to ask for help from someone you had not considered could give you help.

But also when in need, ask God for help. He can assist you with all your needs. He is our God that makes everything possible. So pray to him and ask for help with no doubts and believe he will change your situation to bring to you hope and a future.

Repeat this to yourself, “I am too blessed to be stressed.” And, start believing it while determining how to address the red flags in your life, while seeking help. Nothing is impossible for our possible God!

I’m Doing My Thing

Hello Readers!

This blog is for me to express my thoughts through creative writing. There is no other point to it than sharing my feelings or thoughts that I feel are therapeutic for myself and maybe for others. Personally, I write for myself. Whatever comes to mind, I write it down, and then I try to edit to make it readable. 


I write to discuss my own experiences and divine connection according to my perspective and world view. I do not write to promote a religion; rather, I write to show my interpretation of spirituality and worship. I let you know that I like reading the bible and I'd like to live in an ideal world full of compassion. I want to live in a society where good morals are normal and standard. 


I do not like this dysfunctional system we seem to be living under in this point in time; it is totally unhealthy. Moreover, people want to be offended just so they can have something to complain about. They also don’t like to be corrected so they excuse their behavior as entitlement and are quick to make threats instead of seeking solutions.


Public Announcement: I do not write for likes. If I get a like, that would be a plus. I write as a creative outlet- which is one of my personal goals. This is in effect my personal project. I also write so people can have something to read. If they like my writing, they can continue to read on.


My last blog recited a bible verse, which is equivalent to a line or a few lines of text written in the bible. I did not copy the whole chapter. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it is up to you to do some proper research. 


Some people read more into things than need be but that will not disuade me from writing. For those who know me well, they know that I am very funny and at times querky. I'm not that serious after getting the chance to know you and becoming comfortable in your presence.


However, for someone to judge my writings, I accept the critique. I take it as constructive criticism. I am not trying to lead folks astray. I am writing as a person who reads the bible and had an idea that was interesting to me in the moment. It's like saying "Eureka!"  "I've found it!"


As such, I am not preaching to start a cult, but expressing myself on my platform. It is up to the reader to seek God, read the bible, and make their own determinations. That's all on them and I have nothing to do with it, just like I can't make them less jealous. Change comes from within. And change comes through knowledge gained through experience. 


If any, my previous blog entry called A Purpose for Wednesday seemed very querky to me and perhaps a little on the crazy side 😂 but I did not receive negative responses. It's only when I included a bible verse. If someone thinks the verse I cited is the same as a 180 angle, they are mistaken. They did not see that I was recounting my day nor did they understand my thought process. 


Nevertheless, they can believe anything they want, which probably means they are foolish in action and/or have a tendency to believe in foolish things. Or, they jump to conclusions and become automatically negative because they feel offended at my writing. I am not obligated to explain creative writing to them. A rocket scientist would not be able explain their field of expertise to laymen who don't have common sense because they would never understand anyway. 


Moreover, I do not have to explain my choice of words. *I want to read the bible. *I want to teach. *I want to write. I am taking care of myself and doing things I want.

1) So for you, if you truly want to read the bible, do it. Read the bible.

2) Then find someone who knows the bible and whom you can trust to help teach you about how and why the bible was written and why people should read it.

3) Also, question why the bible gets a bad reputation from people not knowledgeable of what's written on its pages- who often times promote the devil. Common sense tells you there cannot be a devil without God, just like there cannot be darkness without light. 


Anyway, I'm not worried. I trust God has selected people to read my blog, should they desire, just as God has selected people for His kingdom. My blog is like school; take from it what you want, remember to do your homework, study to pass your classes and graduate, as well as learn to make friends and play well with others.


My writing is like Monet, Van Gogh and Dali. Meaning is gained through each viewer- who each may view things differently- although each have seen the same painting. My blog is my own, inspiring others to look at their life and helping them have a better day reading my querky, artistic style of writing. Hopefully, I can be myself, give hope to Japan, and connect the world. Those are my real goals. Thank you for reading and letting me be myself.